We are not anti-government or hold racist views.

We believe that a society that protects the God-given rights of the Individual is a society worth having.

We believe that the Constitution of the United States protects our rights and freedoms from an overreaching government and that the best government is limited and localized, so that our elected officials are accountable to the citizens they represent.

We also believe that this Freedom is worthless without Responsibility.  That is, to become a better person by seeking higher morals, by providing for your family, by training and improving your skills, and to assist others in times of need.

We believe that sharing and teaching these values will strengthen our communities to survive any calamity.

The “Ten Basic Rules” of the Missouri Citizens Militia

  1. We are not here to overthrow the government
  2. No talk of illegal activities are tolerated
  3. No racism will be tolerated
  4. Never use another members name when talking to a non-member
  5. No alcohol or drugs are allowed at any Missouri Citizens Militia function. (alcohol is allowed at family days/evenings)
  6. What is discussed at Missouri Citizens Militia meetings must stay at those meetings if it pertains to the Missouri Citizens Militia.
  7. Because of the way that media portrays the militia, you must obey the laws to a higher standard than “non-members”.  What you do or say reflects upon other members of the Missouri Citizen Militia, but also militia members nationwide.
  8. Never carry a cell phone into a meeting, shut it off and leave it in your car.
  9. All new members will be on a probationary period of up to one year.
  10. “No convicted violent felons allowed”.  When times go bad it is a different story, but to remain law abiding citizens, if you are a convicted felon, you cannot do armed training with us.

Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey