Militas were started from within communities to prepare and defend for the common good during times of need.  These “Citizen-Soldiers” have been recognized throughout history.  In the United States, militias were drawn from the citizens of a community, town, or local region and fought in the Revolutionary War before the United States had a standing regular army.  Then, the militia provided short-term support to the regular army in the field.

There are two kinds of Militia in the United States.  There are “Organized” Militia like the National Guard and “Unorganized” Militia which had specified every male in the community from age 17 to 45. (10 U.S.C. § 311).  Today we recognize any “able bodied” person over 17 that is willing to train.

We recognize that Militias have been used for both good and evil.  Compare the Republican “Wide Awake” militias protecting escaped slaves before the Civil War and the Democrat based “White League”, the “Red Shirts”, the “KKK”, and other racist based Militias after the Civil war until the mid-20th century.

Later 20th century and up to current times, there are militias that are anti-government or pro-Marxist.  Today, pro-Fascist militias like Antifa make headlines.

We wish to retake the original meaning of Militia in our service as “Citizen-Soldiers” to our Missouri communities.  Both as an aid to our local Sheriff’s with public safety and in aid to preparing for and responding to community disasters.

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