A number of weeks ago, a group of our members went to an FTX which was a gathering of different militias for training and exchange of ideas.  This was hosted by the III% Patriots.  The goal was bring different groups together to find a commonality and to improve our communication and skills.

As our member (HoneyBadger) put, “That weekend instilled the believe that We The People can overcome all boundaries and differences.  We had patriots from all walks of life gather to train despite what patch was worn.”

HoneyBadger goes on and said, “I was pleased to see that…all were there for the greater good. The trainers were top notch, fellow patriots themselves… (The trainers) took the time to help…no matter their background. Different groups reached out to each other with the understanding that if we are not united then we will fail when we are truly needed.”

The FTX was organized and setup multiple stations for shooting pistols and carbines, but also included stations for medical, patrol, and communications.


HoneyBadger is encouraging more MCM members to attend the next FTX this fall and says it’s important, “…this will be a learning curve on how well multiple states and organizations can get along with out a power struggle…This is an olive branch for all these organizations to set aside differences and concentrate on the bigger picture.”

He says this is important because we need to “…reach out to inform the public of why we believe in what we do or how it would benefit them to have us in community. The Militias have had a stigma created by the government and solidified…(by mainstream news)…, how do we overcome that?”

“Secondly we have to be active, that doesn’t mean protesting on court house steps… We need to be active in educating (others) why the government has limited enumerated powers per the compact between These United States!  “

The Missouri Citizens Militia believe that we have a four-fold mission.  1) To teach individuals the connected ideas of freedom and responsibility  2) To train ourselves and our communities to keep that freedom, 3) To defend our communities from those that oppose these freedoms, and 4) To aid our communities when disaster happens.

If you want to improve your freedom, learn some skills, and help others, then join us for training!